2019 Varsity Tryouts: What to Expect

CVU’s Girls Varsity Volleyball is an exceptional program in the state of Vermont because it is comprised of players and coaches who want to work hard and improve. We have no interest in taking on players who believe they are already good enough. These are tryouts for everyone—every spot will be earned.

When making decisions about team rosters, coaches will consider the following criteria:

  • Player behavior
    • Demonstrates positive body language and interactions with other players and coaches and kindness to herself
    • Helps others and takes initiative, especially during drills, net setup/takedown, collecting balls, and keeping others focused and engaged
    • Asks clarifying questions when needed; demonstrates active listening
    • Regularly goes out of comfort zone to try new skills, movements, or positions; shows openness to work on weaknesses
    • Shows eagerness to play and be involved
    • Communicates on the court (calls for balls, help, alerts teammates, etc.)
    • Supports other players on court through positive talk, good communication, and by providing opportunities for others to improve and demonstrate skills
    • Possess poise and resilience, especially after a mistake
  • Player preparedness & awareness
    • Hustles from start to finish of a practice, including running to shag balls, grab water, getting onto the court, setting up/taking down equipment, etc.
    • Demonstrates drive to work harder
    • Understands her individual barriers and works to find ways around them while still challenging herself and increasing her capacity
    • Moves to ball without hesitation
    • Tracks ball with body and shows fluency in mechanics and approaches
    • Improves relationship and awareness of body, court, and ball movements and timing
    • Adjusts technique or actions after being advised by a coach
    • Prioritizes needs of the team and program over a personal agenda
    • Engages with play when off the court
    • Comes to sessions on-time and ready to play
  • Player knowledge
    • Understands rules of the game
    • Demonstrates ability to correctly keep scorebook, libero track, and lines judge
    • Has working knowledge of offensive/defensive positioning and transitions
    • Sets up/takes down equipment safely and correctly

What to bring to tryouts:

  • Sneakers, preferably court shoes (for indoor practices only)
  • Knee pads
  • Water
  • Physical form (if not already on file)

Sand court sessions:

These sessions will be conditioning-oriented. We are interested in seeing individual’s best efforts: drills and activities during these sessions are about competing with yourself and not the people next to you.

Please make sure to bring the following for sand practices:

  • Sneakers/Running shoes
  • Extra shirt
  • Plenty of water
  • Towel
  • Sunglasses

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